Thursday, August 26, 2010

A photography pledge

Opening up a photo pledge. Starting a photo routine.
It started out with a mad idea and a 30th birthday celebration.
Why not, thought I, make a pledge, and a habit, over a year, to post one new photograph a day?
Why not, asked I, make sure that the photographs posted were new, and thus force the participants, to stay creative, and to continually exercise their photographic eye, vision, expressivity?
Why not, declaimed I, join hands, a few good friends, so that we can support each other, critique each other, and help each other stay dedicated, and develop as photographers?
Good ideas thought I. Said I. And so say we all. 
We start September 1.
Each day one photo, from each of our photographers.
Photographs to be taken within a week ahead of posting - some queueing is acceptable, but this is really about developing as artists, as photographers, in our expression, and not for showcasing old brilliance.
Commentary and critique appreciated, even at times solicited.