Sunday, August 7, 2011


Harmonious Texture
Regularity A skyscraper near Powell Street Station, SF, CA
Patterns fascinate me. Regularity holds its own beauty. And in this picture, the regularity, the solid pattern, the replication stretching out as far as the eye can reach is what you sense at a first look.
A deeper look, or one with an agenda, would point to the regularity in urban architecture as a symbol for modern society, possibly even of negative aspects of it. Paint a picture of indistinguishable office landscapes, of cubicles filled with drones turning leafs of paper as they progress through mechanical tasks.
In that sense, it is a picture that allows several interpretations. It is clear in each, but there is a spectrum of interpretations that can be had.
The way each of the interpretations I can imagine comes about is based heavily in the content of the message. The regularity in the architectural designs is the core of the message. It is assisted by the plethora of lines the windows form — vertical lines, diagonals in both directions, all of them continuing out of the picture, and together with the perspective chosen, indicate a continuation of the repeating motif along a nigh-infinite plane, emphasizing the vastness, and the … the indistinguishable aspects of the picture.

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