Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Well in greenery [HDR]

HDR capture of a well in Roslagen
This picture evokes in me a serene feeling, the rural calm that so many go out from the city to their country houses to find. The pictured well is worn, but not decrepit, and it sits in a cradle of luminous lush greenery.

The impression is helped by colour symbolism as well as composition: the dominant colour is green; a colour of nature, and also according to Segerholm (and more) a colour of calm; and the composition has quite a number of calming, horizontal lines, countering the vertical frame of the picture and calming the eye.

It is not, though, a single-mindedly closed image. The interpretation of serenity and rural calm may just as well be replaced by an interpretation of mans impact on nature, with the well shoving the wilderness aside — an interpretation aided by the comparatively large space in the image given to the well itself. 

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