Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's card

This card was inspired by a project I saw linked from Instructables.

After a few weeks of mulling and planning a Valentine's card for Susanne — in my plans and imaginations, this would've been CNC milled out of a blank circuit board — I finally got around to doing things. Together with Josh Myer I took my sketches for a card design and we patched them into an actual circuit design that would take an ATtiny at its heart, and using this drive 8 LEDs in a nice pattern. Helpfully, Josh is selling an electronics kit — the Surface Mount Soldering Badge — with the LEDs, the battery holder and the ATtiny I needed preprogrammed.

So with my design and Josh's improvements, we used toner transfer to etch it, and then soldered everything in place. The result is as gorgeous as the process was pleasing and filled with accomplishments.

Hence, my beloved Susanne, here's to having known each other for 11 years. I love you.

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