Monday, August 8, 2011

Airport Fence at FRA

FRA airport fence
Airport Fence (FRA)
A battlefield at peace, of human structures against nature, of freedom of movement against restriction, with a single, aged, shoe-worn pedestrian path separating the would-be combatants. Their antagonism emphasized by the complementary colours and counter–directed thorns and spikes, and the dreary metaphor by the dull, desaturated color scheme.
… or at least, that's ONE way I can see to interpret this image. With a slightly suggestive title, along the lines of «Battle between nature and culture», the viewer is led along these lines, and the picture supports it in several pieces of the composition and coloration.
Another way could be take the path to be the motif, an allegory of travel, of movement along guided and pre-determined lines, assisted by the uninviting bushes on one side and the blocking fence on the other, exhorting the traveller to stay the path. In this case, the central perspective and the meeting diagonal lines helps draw the attention to the end of the path — to the curve where suddenly the path goes over in a segment of fencing, bringing forth questions as to where it leads from there.
As such, it is clear that the image is at least somewhat open-ended, that with very slight hints, it will breathe different emotions, different associations.

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