Monday, August 15, 2011

Susanne against the future

Portrait of Susanne
I'm not big on portraiture. I do it occasionally, but it's not a genre that comes easily to me. However, standing next to a monastery on top of a mountain in Greece with Susanne, watching the evening light fall in and soaking everything in its golden hues, I just had to ask her to stand in the light and pose.
And pose she did. After a number of decent shots, I asked her to shake loose her hair — and as she tossed it out — I snapped this.
A triangular composition, usually calming, here is filled with movement as the tossed hair flies, and the neck extends to sweep out her hair.
It shows off Susanne as a vibrant, happy, and beautiful woman, defiantly thrusting herself at her future, throat first. 

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